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Hello, there,

aspectimago here, and i will try not to stay mysterious
by telling you I am a gay male 46 yrs old, in NYC up nights
like to write, with my pug who dictates very well when he's
not ill, now snoring up a lovely storm of post-earache
brand of sleep, makes me fortified knowing he's finally
not suffering and promises to let me know sooner next time
this time comes round....

now round to you, Mr. Vera, just
wanted to wish you good luck with your new book, I will
proceed to where i need to go above to check it out....
your radiance shows in pics; here, i am a complete
stranger but drawn to the brotherhood of gay writers, fellow
wanderers, poets of the gay spirit--which by the way,
in case no one has told you, can be spotted in all
photos Dan--coming out, way, way past pres. (press!)
present (3 cycles, good number wish, not witch) into future:

speak your poetry, keep the belt on the parkway,
and dactyl the hell right out of it! Now,besides
this poet's pug, critic's pen, a pun also rises!

Good luck to ya, Dan Vera


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