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Mar 17, 2008


eric may

I was a johnny-come-lately to the work of jonathan williams. I was living in Germany, when I discovered Guy Davenport's The Geography of Imagination. I read his essay on Williams and was very soon buying up as many jargon press books as I could find. I consider the man one of the greatest visionary folk poet and photographer essayist in America. And the least lauded. I hope to see Walks to Paradise Garden published soon as a tribute to this great American artist.

W.B. Keckler

This is a lovely reminiscence of a lovely spirit.

I look forward to hunting out copies of books he published for many years.

His stewardship and taste will never steer a reader wrong.

Bob Schanke

I am trying to locate Tom Meyer, for a book I am writing. I cannot find an email address for him.

Bob Schanke

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