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Jun 05, 2008


Tanya Turgeon

I read this with a sensation of happiness to saddness..I was just astonished by the way there was soo much love this this wonderful man..This man was wonderful on the inside and also the outside...Harvey had the ability to put smiles on a persons face even from the grave....I never got the chance to actually meet this guy but hey I am only 29...When I think about the way the movie made him out to be well I think that it was genious...Not sure how much more I'm going to be able to type but I could stay here all night long decribing how much a person he is without even knowing him..I would be soo proud to have been his friend...I thank those friends of his that can share special moments with all of us and can help us find out more of what an "angel" he really was..Please keep in contact with me...

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