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Oct 15, 2008


Isabella Coldivar

NLAAD is such a good idea. I think awareness is really the key in this fight. I also think it's very helpful that this day comes on the tail end of Hispanic Heritage Month. There's so much information swirling around during that time about culture and's good that an issue like this can work its way in.

Right now, there's another influential Hispanic doing her part to use her voice to spread awareness to the community in hopes of doing what she can do improve their quality of life.

Talk show host, Cristina Saralegui has paired up with AARP to to help spread the word about their great benefits!
Check out to learn more and make a customizable video! You can have fun with your friends and
make them on online TV star with Cristina's video, "Amigos Live!" It's a blast!

Also, you can enter to win an all inclusive trip for 2 to Miami to to see the Cristina Saralegui show!
Definitley check out AARP for yourself or for a relative or client. They've got some great benefits, including (but not limited to): Exclusive travel discounts, prescription discounts, retirement planning and free companion membership!

I hope it's alright that I commented on your blog -- wanted to let them know about the fun video with Cristina and AARP's great benefits. If you have any further questions,
please don't hesitate to email me.

Isabella Coldivar
AARP Ambassador
[email protected]

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