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Nov 17, 2008



heya, d! thanks for this post. the light at the end of this tunnel is that there is actually a strong age divide in who voted and how, and also the change in the loss (from a 20 pt loss to a 2 pt loss). that's progress!

anyway, last thing - in the South of market we are using exactly that frame of family in our family and youth zone - bc the SoMa is home to immigrant Filipino elders & family, the SF leather community, and many SRO residents and families .. we talk about all the ways we are family, including roommates, etc. in reality, it is an uneasy gathering of people on the electoral level .. conceptually it works .. and educates the youth .. tho it doesn't quite pan out in terms of large scale base mobilizations ... yet .. ^_^


Hey Pei, thanks about the age angle of the electorate, it is complex given how different age groups are coming "of age politically", given their naturalization, and or politicization process.

Can you tell me more about the Family and Youth Zone, and your work? I am all ears to hear how the frame I suggest (which is not really mine, check out is being imagined and operationalized by so many others across the globe.

Finally, the anti-abortion movement (which was largely white-middle class women) in their prolonged conflict-dialouges with working class and women of color, collectively decided to shift their frame to "Reproductive Justice", what a lovely, and timely shift. Wish we in the Queer movement fighting for the rights of diverse families,and desires made that change in our frame! HIGH TIME!

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