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Dec 15, 2008


Jim Pickett

Thanks for posting this info!

I would like to quickly let you know what is happening in terms of summit planning.....

• Locally, we have pulled together a (growing) group of individuals to help with communications, program planning, event planning and other logistics.

• This group has met once in person, and another smaller group of folks interested in being on the Steering Committee has met as well.

• We have launched a Google group for any and all interested in staying closely connected to the entire planning process.

• Howard Brown Health Center has graciously taken on the role of fiscal agent.

• A Summit website is currently in development. Bookmark the URL and expect to see the site go LIVE in January 2009.

• A group of local Chicagoans interested in communications work for the Summit has been collaborating with a graphic designer to develop a Summit logo and color palette. The logo and color palette should be in place by year’s end, and will be unveiled with the new website.

• Initial fundraising letters have started to go out from Howard Brown.

• We have secured a couple of dynamic interns who will work with us locally to help pull together the many threads of planning work, from outreach to Program Book to registration and scholarship administration.

As you can see, a lot has been going on. And many of you have wondered how you can be involved in the planning activities. We are delighted with the level of enthusiasm we have heard so far. You can certainly join the Google group if you would like (link above). It will have a decidedly “local” feel and include discussion of lots of the local nuts and bolts.

You can also wait for the website to be launched, as we will have “Ning-like” interactive components on the site that will allow for discussion as well as organizing and planning activities to take place in that cyber space. “Ning-like” qualities include blogs, forums, threads and the ability to form different groups.

A Call for Abstracts will also be going out soon into the new year and there will be a huge need for people thereafter to help evaluate the abstracts and develop the programming – both educational and social.

The website will serve as a hub for all of our communications and as needs arise, or as people have ideas for the Summit, the site will serve as the meeting place for all of us. That said, we will be looking to folks like you to help communicate information about the Summit to ensure we reach a wide, diverse audience in terms of geography, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, spirituality, interests, talents, perspectives, and professional/personal backgrounds.

All the best, and happy holidays to each of you,

Cat Jefcoat – Howard Brown Health Center –
Jim Pickett – AIDS Foundation of Chicago –
(your friendly co-chairs)

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