Bo Young

Bo Young is a writer, journalist, editor, poet, cook, publicist and development consultant. In addition to his contributions to White Crane, his writings have appeared in Fine Cooking magazine, RFD, POZ Magazine, the Village Voice, Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, the Palm Springs Sun and the New York Times, as well as Prozak-worthy cranky letters to the editor in papers and magazines too numerous to mention here. He is the author of First Touch (White Crane Press, 1998).

In addition to being the former Poetry Editor and Associate Editor for White Crane, Bo was Food Editor for RFD, where his column "Communions" appeared quarterly. A devoted epicure, he is a former caterer in Palm Springs and has cooked in two and three star restaurants in Los Angeles, New York City and East Hampton. He cooks for spiritual ceremonies and gatherings from Maine to Oregon.

Originally from Chicago, via San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Connecticut, Bo now lives in Brooklyn with his beloved partner, William Foote, a cat and a dog.

He is in his 50s but he reads at a 60-year-old level and can still lift heavy things.

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Bo Young