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Michael Walker

Dear Andrew,

My name is Michael Walker and I am the proprietor of DREAMWalker Group ... a gay-owned and operated site that provides free profiles and information to, for, and about creative people (like writers and artists). As such, I created a profile for "Andrew Ramer (Writer)" today. The intent of the profiles at DWG is to provide readers with as much information about authors as possible.

If you could check out your profile at http://dreamwalkergroup.com/bio/a/andrew_ramer.htm and let me know if it's accurate, I'd sure appreciate it! Also, if you wanted to provide me with a list of your own favorite authors and favorite books, I'd really like to list those as well. Readers love to know this kind of information!

We currently have over 2,950 authors and artists listed ... and we try to provide a historical listing of all their books (current and out-of-print). DREAMWalker Group is getting bigger and bigger by the day! (By the way, your books listings are linked directly to Amazon.com -- and the money we make (currently about $400 per year) helps pay for the maintenance of this site.)

Thanks for your attention to this email, thanks for your time, and thanks for being so creative. Creativity makes this little old world of ours spin with a whole lot more brilliance.

Michael Walker
Proprietor, DREAMWalker Group
Washington, DC
Corporate Sponsor (Current):
-- Saints & Sinners Alternative Literary Festival (http://www.sasfest.org/)
-- Write Your Way Through LGBT Writer's Conference (http://www.urbanmoonpublishing.net/workshops.htm)
Corporate Sponsor (Past):
--- Lambda Lambda Literary Foundation Conference (http://www.lambdaliterary.org/)

p.s. People often ask what they can do to help support this free site. here are a few ideas:

-- Keep creating!

-- Tell all your creative friends and associates about my free site!!

-- If you don't have a webpage of your own, consider using your profile at DREAMWalker Group as one for purposes of marketing yourself. After all, it's FREE!

-- Create a link from your own homepage to DREAMWalker Group's homepage (http://dreamwalkergroup.com) or to your own profile.

-- Suggest to your publishers that they sponsor a small ad on your profile page. These inexpensive ads ($100 for a year) links from your profile page directly to your publisher's website (or wherever they choose!).

-- Buy at least one book a year through my site. If every amazing person listed on my site bought just one item using the Amazon search box on the home page, DREAMWalker Group would earn enough money to keep this free site up and running for about one and a half years!

-- Let us know when your profile needs to be changed (e.g. contact information changes, publish new book, etc.).

-- Mention DREAMWalker Group on Oprah!

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