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I had a colonoscpy and endoscopy because ive been having intestinal problems for years. They might have found the problem with my bowels, but during the endoscopy they found condyloma warts at the beginning of my esophagus. They told me it was HPV and i was very shocked, ive only had anal sex with 3 people and I always use condoms. And all i can find is anal or genital HPV warts trying to google it. They are telling me i have to go into surgery to get them removed. Are these the same kind of warts that can cause cancer but just in my esophagus? And do I really need surgery? Im 19 and don't know if my mom's insurance will pay for it and dont really want to tell her, oh yes mom i got hpv in my throat because i gave my boyfriends blow jobs.


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It was highly contagious.
--It came on very suddenly and killed very quickly. It was said that
an infected person could be "dancing at nine o'clock and dead by
--It was, as the name suggets, characterized by a high fever and sweating.
--It wasn't the plague, and it wasn't smallpox.

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