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Guy T

The book has a very fascinating mix of genres -- and I believe that Montalvo's artistic endeavours do spur us, those who are in the artistic industry one way or another, to consider the need to blur boundaries, to open up raw emotions by going back to the basics of human elements. Of even the pre-expressivity stage before our thoughts become fully coherent.

A quick google search shows he's raising money for AIDS in Africa through this book.

And I'm actually quite curious to see/read/experience his next book.


I really enjoyed the rawness of the book and the reflex emotions he manages to re-create on paper. One of the great things about his writing is that it's not overly engineered or manipulative. He says it how he feels it, which brings the reader intimately close to his personal and moving journey. I'm not a poetry fan, but reckon in this case it adds to the feelings being expressed and spirituality he's exploring.

Definitely worth a read!

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